Join the Classic Training Team on Sunday Mornings


Starting in April, join local runners for weekly training runs on Sunday mornings with the Beam Team.

Although now retired, Middletown High School distance coach Wayne Beam began this team training program for the Classic in 2001 and may not be there now personally but his training spirit still is.

Meet at Middletown High School at 8:00 AM. and along with others, get into better shape regardless of your current level of training and fitness. There will be someone to run with or direct you at your level to help to prepare you to feel confident come race day.
Wayne really does know how to smile

Sunday morning training

Last offical Classic Training May 26th, 2019 - Run well everyone!


Facebook Live video interview with Beam Team founder Wayne starting its 2017 season.



5K and 10K Training Plan for Intermediate Level Runners

Courtesy of Dave Billings, download this training plan if you have some running experience and would like to be better prepared for the Rowley 5K (5 week plan) or Classic 10K (8 week plan). Click here for the Training Plan pdf file. Questions about training? Contact Dave by email or give him a call (914) 772-8357.

Middletown Recreation Department and Middletown High School's Track & Field Team.
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